I Don’t Miss You


I don’t miss you.
I mean, I love you… but I sure as hell don’t miss you.
I’m glad you’re gone

It wasn’t always that way
Man, there was a time… a time in which I couldn’t imagine your absence
Not anymore, not by a longshot

Back then, I saw only in part
Just a glimpse
A snippet
I didn’t see all you were up to
I didn’t see all the hidden pain
I didn’t see all the darkness

Nope, you had me fooled
And even when I saw the glimpse
Even when I blew the whistle
Even when I raised the flag
You were still untouchable, invincible, omniscient, always right… always right…
And always so sure of your rightness
Absolutely sure

But then the day came
Revelation, unveiling, truth shouted from the rooftops
No longer untouchable
No longer invincible
No longer omniscient…you never were
No always right… sometimes right, maybe
Most of the time right, even

But when you were wrong
Wow, were you wrong…
And when you were wrong, you hurt people
You used them, abused them, accused them
All the while protecting yourself
Protecting your secrets
Hiding your scars
Making everything about you… in the name of someone else

But in the middle of the revelation
As the truth was being shouted from the rooftops
I still loved you
I still wanted to protect you
I still wanted to talk… to connect… to walk through it together

That was not to be
You turned your back
You made excuses
And you ran away like a coward

I loved you then
Before the revelation
After the revelation
Even now

But I sure as hell don’t miss you

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