I am a Mixed Bag. Good and bad. Light and dark. Generosity and greed. Love and fear. It’s all there, every moment of every day. In a quiet, honest moment, maybe you can relate. I’m finding the more I recognize and honor my melting pot nature, the more peace I experience.

The Mixed Bag is focused on two things. First, it celebrates and honors being a mixed bag. It is designed to help us live in this reality. Doing so empowers us to embrace honesty about who we are individually, speak and act in humility when interacting with others, and take a more fully human approach to the world.

Second, amid this melting pot reality, it encourages us to seek shalom. Shalom in the ancient Hebrew word for “peace”, although it means much more than an absence of conflict. It speaks to peace with God, others, and self. It is about the quality of life we might experience through healing (on multiple levels), freedom to be who we are, and working for justice and equity. I believe shalom is the endgame for all of life.

You are welcome here to engage at whatever level you’d like. Regardless if you’re dipping your toes or diving in, may you have a deeper experience of shalom because of your time here.

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