We Need You


We need you. For real. You have stuff living in you that the rest of us need. You do. Impact is hard-wired into your system.

This is not about blowing smoke up your arse. You’re not perfect. Just like me, just like your neighbor, your father, your mother… just like everyone you know… you are faulty and frail. You are limited.

This is not about making you feel like whatever you do is good. Like, just because you are wired for greatness somehow means anything you think, say, or do is justified in some way. Nah… that’s not real. That’s not true. No, you make mistakes. You hurt others. You hurt yourself. Just like I do. But, this is not about that.

No, this is about the good stuff residing in your heart, in your mind, in your body, in your spirit. Living in you is something divine. Greatness that speaks to something greater, someone greater. Holiness that reflects the holiest.

The trick is discovering how that greatness looks, defining that holiness, and harnessing that good stuff. And when you do, everything changes. I mean, you’ll still make mistakes of course. But, everything still changes. Finding your wiring and then living in accordance with it changes everything.

…how you see yourself

…how you see others

…how you see the unseen

See, you being fully you is not just about you. Yes, it works for you. It gives you purpose and meaning. It makes you more effective in the things you try to do. All that is true. But, as importantly, you being fully you changes the world.

You bring things to the table… talents, skills, passions… that we need. We have oppressed people to liberate. We have injustices needing to be ended. We have poverty ripe for erasure. We have disease to be eradicated. We have a world to be revolutionized. And we need YOU.

So, please, be you. Be fully you.

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