2015 Tomme Suab Album of the Year: Aero Flynn

Artist Focus


I’ve only lived in Eau Claire for a little over ten years. The legend of Josh Scott was unknown to me until just the last year. I’d never heard of Amateur Love or known of his work with Justin Vernon, Christopher Porterfield, Phil Cook, and other locally-rooted stalwarts of the Chippewa Valley’s music scene. From what I understand, there are folks who have been waiting longer than I’ve even been in the area to hear something new from Scott. In 2015, he finally reemerged with his Aero Flynn project. I can’t speak for those who knew him in days past, but it would seem it has been worth the wait.

Aero Flynn’s self-titled album is compelling, provocative, eclectic, and just plain good. It is an amazing blend of acoustic and electronic. It feels both aloof and emotive at the same time, which doesn’t seem like a particularly easy thing to pull off. The album speaks on deep levels and quickly became a TS favorite upon its release.

TS is not alone in singing Aero Flynn’s praise. First Avenue has named it one of the Best New Bands of 2015. It has received a similar honor from City Pages (Minneapolis). After receiving such accolades and engaging in successful widespread touring in 2015, it would seem Aero Flynn is here to stay. Josh Scott… thanks for coming back. And congratulations on your record being named the 2015 Tomme Suab Album of the Year.

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