2015 Tomme Suab Artist of the Year: Lizzy Diane

Artist Focus


One of the characteristics of so many artists I admire is malleability. Specifically, I love witnessing or listening to musicians evolve. They allow themselves to be influenced, pushed, challenged… in other words, they embrace growth personally and musically. It has been my honor to see this dynamic in play with the 2015 Tomme Suab Artist of the Year, Lizzy Diane.

If you listen to Lizzy Diane’s first two records, Encompass Rose and Otherkin, you can certainly hear the evolution between those two albums. However, the evolution has continued since Otherkin was released in late 2014. She continues to experiment vocally and musically. She continues to work through and process life, art, and their intermingling. And these dynamics produce compelling and poignant songs and performances.

Along with all of this creative development, Lizzy’s commitment to performing live is evident. From headlining WHYS’s Girrrls with Guitars event in October to playing multiple shows in various venues around Eau Claire, she stayed busy in 2015. And, personally, I’m glad, because Lizzy Diane’s music should be heard.

While I wholeheartedly believe the best is yet to come for this young performer, I am pleased to name Lizzy Diane the initial recipient of the Tomme Suab Artist of the Year title.

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